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The handle bar folds when a catch

The Razor scooter was designed and developed by a mechanical engineer in China. His urgent need was for something small which could be ridden around a large bicycle factory without spending a lot of time and energy in walking.

He based his design on the simple mobility of children's kick scooters, and later refined it into a folding scooter built around an aluminum body, with polyurethane wheels, and a hinged fender over the rear wheel to work as a brake when pushed down. 

The handle bar folds when a catch is released, allowing it to be easily carried and stored. It can carry heavy loads without loosing it's shape. Some users may decide to alter their scooters to strengthen the body. 

After the successful completion of his design he began to sell it to the public. It was an immediate success with customers waiting for up to six months for their orders to be met. Overseas, the Razor Scooter became very popular in Japan in the 1990s, resulting in the company's decision to introduce it in the US also where it became an immediate hit. 

In the USA, the smaller makes for kids are sold in kit form. They are easy to put together and the battery can be charged in a few hours. It is considered to be an ingenious little machine that takes the kids around a two mile radius and back. The battery is generally good for approximately forty minutes. It travels at a speed of approximately ten miles per hour. 

The controls are simple to handle with the brake on the left and the throttle on the right side of the handle bar. Children generally find that it is very simple to ride.

In 2004, Razor released the A4 popularly known as the Pro Model. Since 2000, Razor scooters have suffered a bit of a drop in their popularity,  but are still obtainable everywhere. Since the release of the original scooter, Razor has continued its research and development work and has released a number of electric scooters as well as numerous other motorized vehicles and toys.

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The handle bar folds when a catch